Chapanne Is A Love Story


Despite living 6,000 miles apart and in amazingly different cultures, Aijan & Chris met online in 2015 dreaming of true love. It didn't take long to find it, and after travelling extensively to get to know each other, Chris proposed. In 2017, they pulled off three weddings to celebrate with friends and family the world over.

  Their favorite wedding gifts were two chapans that Aijan's Mom gave them. A chapan (pronounced cha-PON) is a traditional quilted jacket from the Central Asian alpine country of Kyrgyzstan, and the word literally means jacket in the Kyrgyz language. Everywhere they went in the U.S. while wearing the jackets, people – coworkers, family, and mostly strangers – would get so excited about the beauty of the jackets and ask...

  "Where can I get one?"

 The idea to design jackets, clothing, accessories, and home décor using motifs and styles from Central Asia was sparked. Aijan & Chris made some major career choices and decided to finally launch a startup fashion brand. The Kyrgyz word "chapan" was stylized into the brand name Chapanne and they were off!

  Aijan & Chris want to invest in healthy global development, so Chapanne produces its one-of-a-kind clothing in Kyrgyzstan and the other unique lands of Central Asia. To further give back, a portion of the profits from your purchase is dedicated to strengthening the arts, environment and families in these developing countries.

 Chapanne's entire collection of fashion apparel and home décor delivers the quality, beauty and uniqueness of artifacts from centuries ago, while augmenting them in a modern style. With Chapanne, you mark your life with style, share in the world's diverse beauty, and feel great doing so.

  When you wear Chapanne, Your Life Is A Special Occasion.